some people are okay with reclaiming slurs!
does that mean they aren’t slurs anymore and anyone can use them???

jokielmortem replied to your post: i was following around 400 bl…

Are you gonna use this blog again now?

yeah i’m gonna be using this blog again!! uvu just not as much though

i was following around 400 blogs and now i’m down to 175

sighs loudly i’m so tired now

ok no i’m unfollowing blogs that are heavily homestuck, free!, or snk based

getting really tired of seeing all of it u v u it’s not a personal offense i’m just! kind of not into those right now

-breakdances- yoooooooo i’m here! i’m like kind of back!! o v o

i’m going through my anonymous asks and i just ashdfjaslkrwghoajklfs -covers face- great memories~

ok editing my theme stay offa my blog for the time being ♥

i’m down to only 99 followers now which means i’m coming back here yes

u w u sorry for my absence but i want this to be more of a personal blog and having a lot of followers on here makes me kind of uncomfortable„

my other blog is guiltybeautylove and like yeah that’s… the one i’m comfortable having a lot of followers on so like



i need 10 people to commission me for $10 each p l e a s e i need a new tablet (the one i have is now broken all the drawings will be digital, full bodied, and shaded/colored if you want just plEASE I NEED LIKE $99 FOR A NEW ONE)

ugh okay guys i hate that i’m posting on here/reblogging this and that im only back on here for a little while but please commission me! i really need a new tablet and like it’s really hard to draw things on it because it keeps disconnecting like the port on it is broken and it’s past the warranty! so like please, if ten people commission me for $10 i’ll have enough to buy the tablet i want! my mom can’t afford it for many reasons (bills are past due; my dad got a ticket; etc.etc.) even though the tablet i want is like $99

so please!! if you have any money to spare for some art i will draw you something because wow!! i really need a new tablet and come on you get art of whatever you want i will even try to draw nsfw! i just… please guys, i hate that i sound like i’m begging but that’s because i am

i can’t afford a tablet myself because i don’t have a job, i’m 16 and it’s really hard for me to get a job and i wouldn’t have a ride there even if i got one, and i feel very unsafe/anxious on public transportation alone, so please, this is the only way i’m able to get money for a tablet!

-whispers- hi i’m still alive

i might come back on here in the next month or so

hope u guys are all doing okay!!